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InstCarn Recap: Day 3 - Session 5 - Peer Review Options in Canvas


Peer review can be tricky, but there are great tools to help!!

Session Notes

More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys! Peer Review Options in Canvas | Sr. Instructional Technology Consultant | University of Iowa


What are the advantages of Peer Review?

  • Learns from classmates
  • Comfort around giving/receiving from peer
  • Audience beyond teacher
  • Saves grading time
What do they need to complete a peer review?
  • Idea of requirements
  • Knowledge of the type of feedback to provide
  • Clear timeline
  • Rubric
Building a Peer Review Assignment
Stage 1: Turn in the Assignment (Think through due dates)
Stage 2: Distribute to Reviewers
Stage 3: Peer Reviewer grade
Stage 4: Returning the Reviews to Author.
Stage 5: Finish the Assignment
Canvas Peer Review
  • Already in Canvas
  • Can manually or automatically assign reviewers
  • Assign # of reviewers
  • Assign when the reviewers are assigned the review
  • Can make anonymous
  • Due date for initial submission, not reviews
  • No self-assessment option
Peerceptiv Peer Review
  • Works well for high enrollment courses to create writing assignments with plenty of feedback
  • Grading algorithms give students a reason to review mindfully
  • Quick view of student completion
  • Data and analytics dashboard
  • Allows author to give feedback to reviewer
  • Highly structured review format
  • No annotation on the document


Other tools



At the end of the session a Google Sheet was shared that offered comparisons of different platforms for doing Peer Review. Hopefully someone can share the link in the comments below.


*All of the content here is from my live session notes or straight from my memory. This means that I may miss something or be mistaken in my content. Please feel free to add to, put in context, or correct any mistakes by using the comments below. 

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