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Integrating Social Media in Canvas- Sean Nufer

Social media networks are common platforms of communication, used by students to keep track of friends, family, news, and more—so why not use them in education? This webinar will discuss innovative ways to incorporate social media into discussions, assignments, and content pages within a Canvas course.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

InstructureCon agents, I have to apologize about a goof during my presentation.  At about the 17:16 mark in this video, I copied a twitter widget to embed into the html editor on a Canvas content page.  However, I skipped a necessary step.  Embedding twitter is just like embedding a pinterest board.  You need to copy the widget into a plain text file, save it as an html file, upload it to Canvas, and then use the html URL in an iFrame.  I walk through that process in this video (which I had actually prepared ahead of time in case I didn't have internet connectivity during my session):

Social Media in Online Learning - YouTube  

A good spy doesn't make excuses, but I'll tell you that the oxygen was thing there for this Floridian.  And there was also a silent fire alarm going off toward the end, bright lights, villains everywhere.  I have plenty of excuses (I am not a good spy), but I do apologize for goofing up.  

Also, if you would like see the course I was using in the presentation:

InstCon 0017