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Secondary Mission: Operation P.A.N.D.A.

OPERATION: P.A.N.D.A (Professional Advancement of Non-Descript Agents)

Recent intel has been revealed to allow for additional professional advancement during the upcoming gathering in Keystone, CO. According to the mission transmission: For Spies Like You—Mission: InstructureCon 0017 there will be opportunity for agents to advance in their clearance levels by utilizing a secret code system provided by an agent known only as The Badgr. There will be 25 "tasks" that once completed will move you one step close to becoming an elite Alpha Agent and my grant you access to exclusive gadgets.

The mission period is active for the duration of our gathering, July 25-27

Make sure to help out your fellow agents that may not have received this transmission and watch out for counter agents that may be looking to advance within our organization.

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Community Champion

It's a P.A.N.D.A. acronym!!! 🙂

I'm still glad to award badges for Panda acronyms. Panda-nyms. More info here:

Par-Tay Game with Pandas 

Here's a fun one from  @germerov ‌

PANDA for perfect attendance

Community Champion

Loving the fact that you're very careful about how you are sharing intel..