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Learner II

Wednesday AM Keynote

Well...the technical glitches and issues of last year's conference are coming back to haunt us! ...but here are the notes I was able to procure before the mission failed....

Sheena Iyengar told us about the entrepreneurial mindset--that is being willing to take risks to make our lives better.


Choice--what are some things we do in our daily lives to get more out of this thing called choice

Brains of men (neurons in straight lines) v women (a web of neurons)

But in the end, there are only a few differences between men's and women's brains--we can all learn all skills.

1. Choice is a mindset--be willing to make the choices

 fixed mindset v. growth mindset

People with a growth mindset are better performers, more successful

Make goals for  1, 5, 10 years --write it down every 6 months  (with a plan for how to get there; be willing to share it with a trusted person)

Goal setting is positively correlated with innovation

Keep a 3 min progress journal daily: what did I accomplish? what did I learn? 

2. Set Goals--helps us make the best of our many choices a day/week etc.

We have way more choices than ever before--we need goals to guide our paths

We have 174 newspapers worth of info coming at us each day

The Jam study--tasting 6 v 24 flavors of jam

People were more likely to stop and taste when 24 but, 

People were more likely to buy when there were 6

So with too many choices we choose not to choose, make errors/incompetent, are less satisfied,

Our brains find 7 +/- 2 the magic number

9 min v. 1 hr decisions--make the most of your decisions so you have the right ones in the right categories

3.Be choosy about choosing

(and here the live feed in the room I was in cut out Smiley Sad and no one from Canvas was in our room to fix it so we had a hard time getting it back up and had to hunt someone down. Turns out it may have been a problem everywhere. So no idea what happened after here…had to go into the main room to try to get the badge code at least. We stood awkwardly by the door, only to in the end have the app crash, and never give me or one of my coworkers the badge even though we tried to scan it 4 times....with it timing out each time)

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