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Big Data Ideas & Usage for Tiny Budgets & Small Teams

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Big Data Ideas & Usage for Tiny Budgets & Small Teams

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Want to surf the Big Data wave without the expensive gear? We’ll share how we use data to ask questions, adapt, and create tools for Students, Teachers and Admins – with our existing resources. Exploring real world scenarios, not just dashboards and visualizations to save teachers time and improve student achievement.


In this session we highlight some of our projects, past and present, that have utilized Canvas Data and now Live Events. We'll share some of our mistakes and wipe-outs as well how we overcome the technical and budget constraints of a small department with a big wave mission and only 1, sometimes 2 developers. We'll also share our motivation and efforts for community collaboration and some open source options for managing data pipelines for various reporting, tasks, services, and LTI solutions.



PDF attached, unfortunately there are 3 videos, I'll have to post later.

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InstructureCon 2019

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