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Canvas (Profile) Questionnaire

When we implemented Canvas, we chose to focus on our faculty, their needs, and their experience instead of on the technology. As one method of truly getting to know our future Canvas users, we created a Canvas Profile Questionnaire. Each faculty member was asked to complete the questionnaire online, which was designed to help us get to know the faculty member, their teaching mode, and content migration preference. 

With over 400 faculty members completing the form, we used this information to identify courses that IT needed to migrate from Blackboard to Canvas, as well as recommend training sessions for the faculty member based on their teaching mode and use of the LMS.  

The questionnaire asked the following:

  • Requestor Name
  • Faculty Classification Are you a full-time or adjunct faculty member?
  • Acct/Dept The account/department under which the ticket falls.
  • Course Type Describe the type of course(s) you teach
    • Traditional (face-to-face)
    • Online Only
    • Hybrid (blended)
    • Course Developer
  • Canvas Experience 
    • Beginner 
    • Intermediate 
    • Advanced
  • Preferred Learning Mode
    • Asynchronous (Asynchronous refers to self-paced training that can be done on your own using provided online resources and tutorials.)
    • Synchronous  (Synchronous refers to live training that is held at a specified time.)
  • Month of Training In which month do you anticipate attending Canvas training?
  • Content Migration Would you like to move your course content from Blackboard? Please note all options involve rebuilding your course to some degree.
    • I would like to build anew in Canvas
    • I would like to move my content myself
    • I would like IT to move my content for me
  • Course ID(s) Please provide the Blackboard Course ID(s) of the course(s) you previously taught that you would like migrated to Canvas. Please include the course subject (e.g., ACC), course number (e.g., 500), section (e.g., OL1) and term (e.g., 201740). 
  • Additional Info If you have any questions, concerns or feedback regarding the transition to Canvas, please let us know here.

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Canvas (Profile) Questionnaire

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Thank you. This is great! I like how you can customize your training based on staff's feedback in the transition.