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Get Moving! On the Road to Adoption (Presentation)

We ( recently presented at InstuctureCon 2019 in Long Beach, CA. We received many requests for a copy of our Get Moving! presentation, and we have made it available via Google Slides! 

In 7 short months, we packed our bags and moved to Canvas! Inspired by InstructureCon’s fun, energetic, and welcoming community, we rolled out our highly visual, social, and human-centered technology adoption. Through storytelling and activities, participants identified challenges, brainstormed new possibilities, and left with concrete methods for organizational transformation. 

Get Moving! On the Road to Adoption (Presentation)

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Surveyor II

I love how this presentation and your roll out incorporated design thinking. It was incredible! Thank you!

Quick question, how did you create the visuals in your ppt? Is it from a special app? I love the visuals.


Thanks Staci! We use a stock photography site (currently Adobe Stock) to purchase many of the vector images, and then I customize them in Adobe Illustrator for our purposes!