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Combing the Tide Pools for Treasures


 @richardsonji ‌

It seems like every dive into Canvas yields more surprises. In the past year, we’ve found well over 100 cool Canvas tips and features that make learning easy and fun. We want to share our discoveries, and also see what you have uncovered.

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dyingember‌  @richardsonji ‌  This is awesome!  Any chance we can get the url to your course?  Since we don't have a summer instructurecon, I'm putting together resources for my staff to choose from Smiley Happy  Thank you!

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We are absolutely happy to share. Please feel free to share with anyone else.

Jilane Richardson

Curriculum Developer

Brigham Young University-Idaho

Campus Curriculum Development

202-B Lamprecht Hall

Rexburg, ID 83460



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Thank you!! 

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Hi Brianne,

Thanks for using our resource! I'm sure there have been a few updates to

Canvas in the last year, but most material should still be good.

If you want them to enroll in our course, here are the instructions:

This course has enabled open enrollment. Students can self-enroll in the

course once you share with them this URL:


<>*. Alternatively, they can

sign up at *

<>* and use the following join code:


Even better, we've put the course in the Canvas Commons. You can download

it into your Canvas instance and share it as you see fit. Just search for

"tide pools." Then you can see behind the curtain.

Just for my personal curiosity, what institution are you from?

Best wishes,

Debra Lowe

On Tue, Jun 30, 2020, 10:18 AM Brianne Loomis <>

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Thank you, Debra!  I will definitely take a look at the Commons course too, that is a great suggestion.  I am from Sultan SD, a small K-12 district in Washington.