Helping Your K-12 Students Stay On Track!

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   We love Canvas!  We love Canvas so much that we built some really great tools to help schools keep your K-12 students on track. 

   What if you could create groups of students -- all 11th graders, a guidance counselor's advisees, a basketball team -- and allow school personal to monitor that specific group?  And what if my dashboard told me how each student was doing across ALL of their classes?  And what if I could quickly flip through multiple dashboards: an athletic director seeing how the students on each team were performing, a principal seeing the dashboard of each guidance counselor?

   If you could do all of'd have Dropout Detective from AspirEDU, Inc.!  (We can even change the name to "Grade Guardian" for you, if you prefer.)

   Come to our session to hear real-life examples of how Canvas schools have improved the support system for their students.  Kim Munzo was a college professor, a director of online education and a Canvas administrator when she built this platform...she will tell you how and why it can help your school, too!

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Helping Your K-12 Students Stay on Track

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See above for a summary of what we'll discuss.


Thursday, July 11th, 10-10:40am, Room 201-A



  • Overview brochure is attached below!

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