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Community Team
Community Team

There is so much to experience at InstructureCon 2019! As you sail into your session schedule, consider taking notes and publishing them in a blog. You can help others learn about topics and sessions they weren't able to squeeze into their own schedules. 

Everyone is encouraged to blog! If you plan to attend a certain event or session and you're willing to share your notes with the Canvas Community, feel free to let others know by adding your name to the collaborative lists. Please be kind and don't remove another person's name. If you also want to blog about an event for which someone has already signed up, just add a new line and add your name, too. There are lots of waves to catch!


  • As a thank you for sharing your insights and your time, there is a nifty Community Badge for Session Recaps. For your amazing contribution to the InstructureCon 2019 Canvas Community space, you'll receive the badge and 50 points.
  • Additional points will be awarded on a per-post basis. Please be sure to sign-up on the correct spreadsheet(s) and use the "Write a Blog" button at the bottom of this page!
  • To get started, click the "Write a Blog" button below. This will launch a pre-formatted template for you to use.  Feel free to use the provided prompts or to write from scratch. However, it's very important that the pre-filled tags remain. That's how the Community Badge will be rewarded and it makes it easier for others to find all of the Session Recaps in one place.


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