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I hope all that were able to attend this year's Instructurecon enjoyed the experience and learned a lot! I am wondering what resources, if any, exist in connection to the convention for those of us who were unable to attend? Are there videos, recaps, any kind of official resources? Are there bloggers who wrote about the sessions they attended? 

I hope so! I'll be looking forward to them as time goes by. Here's to hoping the whole CANVAS community can learn and grow through the knowledge and experience gained at the conference. Thanks!

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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

Hi  @byost1 ‌. Good news! Yes, we already have some resources like the ones you mentioned here in the InstructureCon 2019‌ space. You can jump directly to the page we set up to display blogs as they were created here. Video recordings of the breakout sessions are being worked on and will be posted as soon as they are ready. 

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