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Weekly Canvas Tips: Targeting Faculty Needs Through Microlearning

 @tub73810 ‌

Elizabeth Reyes

Fox School of Business instructional designers design and develop weekly Canvas Tips to assist faculty with learning the LMS. Each brief tip identifies a tool, feature or piece of advice that faculty can use to update their courses and engage students.

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The video images on the screen are blurry of what is being presented.  Is there a way to access just the presentation?

 @cwright1 ‌, presenters have the option to provide their presentation slide decks; you can reach out to a presenter directly if you need something specific.

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Thank you!

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 @tub73810  This was very helpful!  Will you post the website that was mentioned in the video that shows the tips you have sent out?

Hi Carrie, 

Sure. Here's the link to the website:

Best wishes, 


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Thank you so much!

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None of their links to tips works. They are just images now.

Here's the link to the website: