Attend the 2024 Unconference!

Community Coach
Community Coach
What: InstructureCon Unconference
When: Thursday, July 11th 3:30 – 5:30 PM
Where: Level 4, Zeno 4603-4610

What is an Unconference?

An unconference is a participant-driven informal meet-up that’s totally different from the traditional conference format. Unlike conventional conferences with pre-determined agendas, keynotes, and sessions, an unconference allows attendees to shape the schedule and content.

Participants propose topics they are passionate about, and then discussions are then organized around these ideas. This dynamic format encourages active engagement, collaboration, and the sharing of diverse perspectives, fostering a flexible and inclusive environment.

What is the value of attending an Unconference?
The value of an unconference is in its focus on interaction and participation. Unconferences promote communication and networking among peers. This open format allows for real-time problem-solving and idea generation, as attendees bring their challenges and insights to the table.

The spontaneous nature of sessions can lead to unexpected connections and innovative solutions, making unconferences particularly useful for those seeking fresh perspectives and practical takeaways. Additionally, the informal setting helps build a community, as participants feel more engaged and invested in the outcomes of their discussions!!

Why should YOU attend the InstructureCon Unconference?

For educators, the InstructureCon Unconference offers a unique opportunity to enhance their professional practices and improve their use of technology in educational settings. Teachers can share and discover innovative teaching strategies, learning from peers who are also integrating Instructure products into their classrooms. Instructional designers can explore new ways to create engaging and effective course content, while LMS admins can discuss best practices for managing and optimizing the platform. For Canvas developers, the unconference provides a space to collaborate on technical solutions, exchange coding tips, and develop custom integrations that enhance the LMS experience.

The Unconference format ensures that the topics discussed are directly relevant to the attendees' diverse roles and needs, making the sessions highly practical and immediately applicable. By participating, attendees can connect with others facing similar challenges, fostering a supportive network for continuous professional growth. This collaborative environment is ideal for sharing experiences, troubleshooting issues, and brainstorming new ideas!


Make sure to mark the Unconference on your schedule, and I hope to see you there!!

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