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Community Coach
Community Coach


InstructureCon - just hearing the word evokes many emotions. Now in our 7th year with Canvas, thinking about InstructureCon gives me a feeling of excitement and anticipation. But if you are newer to the Instructure family, you may be wondering what exactly InstructureCon is. Let me share my thoughts with you. 

InstructureCon is an annual event that brings together Canvas users and Instructure personnel from around the country. It is a three-day conference packed with insightful keynotes, informative sessions, and meaningful connections. Let’s not forget the celebration of Instructure customers with fun swag and great entertainment! 

My favorite thing about InstructureCon is connecting with other users I’ve met virtually in the Instructure Community, Facebook groups, and other social media platforms. The event provides an opportunity for attendees to network, share ideas, and learn from one another. Everyone I’ve met is a willing thought partner and collaborator! I look forward to seeing these new friends in person and catching up. Now it is almost like a family reunion when we all gather together!

Another reason  I enjoy the event is the keynote speeches. I find that the speakers are always inspiring and motivating, and I appreciate that their messages are partnered with important updates and sneak peeks from Instructure leaders. Since InstructureCon is always shortly before the start of a new school year, I am always inspired and eager to take what I’ve learned back home to my district. 

I prioritize attending InstructureCon because as a small, rural district, we depend on our Indiana user group, the Instructure Community, and the networking with other Canvas users to create the best possible experience for our students and teachers. The conference is the perfect opportunity for us to continue to build on our knowledge and grow our network. 

InstructureCon brings a lot of value to your district. There is something for everyone, and I know you’ll leave filled with fantastic ideas, many new friends, and great memories. If you’re an Instructure OG, do you have an InstCon story to share? I love hearing people share their “why” for the conference. And if you’ve never attended an InstructureCon or are new to the Instructure family, take a look at the registration page today. Will I get to see you in Las Vegas in July? I sure hope so! 


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