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Can logging in be simplified for younger students?

We are introducing Canvas to primary schools in our state. Is it possible to simplify the login for younger students, or those with special needs? 

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 @Bobby2 ‌ -

Thanks for calling me out on this and asking for my views as a parent of a second grader and spouse of a K-5 educator. While I don't have any specific ideas or resources, I can speak to what my experience is.

As I said, my son is in second grade, but he hasn't had to login to any resources or know his login information until this year. As a parent - I like the fact that he hasn't had to authenticate into any systems and his only computer classes have revolved around web based applications up until this year (although, I'm still scratching my head as to why a second grader needs an e-mail address, but you didn't ask that!).

Now that he has the ability to authenticate, his computer class and his regular class use computers pretty heavily (that's a credit to his gen ed teacher, not a requirement). He's on a google campus, so he has access to anything google - including google classroom.

Now - the authentication part. They're pretty smart in creating usernames as "" (plus, then he learns his e-mail address). His password is his student ID number, which then any teacher would have access to and can help him with that - but this is the same ID number he has used in the lunch room since kinder, so he already knows it. I can't speak to whether or not that was intentional - but if it was, that's dang smart.

I hope this helps folks out some. I'll admit, at times I'm not crazy about how some things are handled and I guess some of my Higher Ed starts to show....then my wife tells me to relax and everything is ok! Smiley Happy

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Are you familiar with now supports a Canvas login, and Clever has a QR code login ability. The QR code login is SWEET for our kindergarten and first grade students - then once they get beyond first grade, the standard login process seems to become less onerous a task.

Each student has their QR code on a card, and they don't have to type anything in at all, just a few clicks. Although we don't use Clever to log into Canvas yet because of other logistical reasons, we use Clever for other software logins such as STMath. Clever doesn't cost school districts anything to use - they charge the companies instead.

Here's how a login looks via QR code:

QR login - Clever

Brilliant bogarddeThis will be shared instantly. Thank you!

Here's the url if anyone needs it Sign up for Clever | Clever 

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We authenticate our users through their network account -(AD) which is their name.  In lower primary grades our teachers sometimes have students use the same password, ex. room12.   With Canvas using LTI tools and Clever, we are then able to have them use different apps right in Canvas without them having to login to the other apps.  This works very well for younger students.

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We use 1:1 iPads with our students and one of our techies set up an app that is basically a bookmark repository for students to use. The students need to log in to Canvas once and the app remembers their details. Simple for them to use from then on.

Let me know if you want more details and I can connect you with the person who created this.


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Have you seen this process used in any classrooms Bobby? I would love to know how successful it is?

I haven't seen Clever in action but keen to see it.

Using Teacher Aides in the mornings to help log kids in has been super successful.

But what works best is regular use I think. The more they do it the faster they get.

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Our school has the same environment as mentioned and we would love to have the solution  @craig_nicholls  mentioned. Any chance of us connecting with the person who set this up?

On our 1:1 iPads we just bookmarked to the home page How to Use Bookmarks on the iPad. But that's just to the web version of Canvas.