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Can students use Chat if the Teacher is not present?

We are a K-12 district and cannot test or confirm if students can start a Chat if the Instructor is not present. Can students chat without the instructor present?  Thanks as we navigate all these options. 


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S9300807, This is what our CSM  @jabram1  told me in an email that will help answer this question:

It works through a course navigation link, and when enabled, any student or teacher in the course can post a comment in the chat at any time (regardless of whether a teacher is actively participating). All users have access to chat history, so teachers can see anything that was added to the chat at any point. Teachers also have the access to delete comments in the chat if someone says something inappropriate.

Thanks to Jamye!


Also, when Chat is turned on for an account or new courses are created, Chat is automatically enabled.  This means students could get into the Chat and post things without the teacher being aware.  I have created the following idea in hopes to make Chat disabled when turned on so there is no worry of students posting before teacher is ready to monitor the Chat. https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/16435-disable-chat-by-default?sr=search&searchId=bd3ec14d-aecf...‌ Please vote this up when you get the chance.