ELA, Standards Based, & Infinite Campus: Lots of Questions

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If anyone is in a similar situation, how do you set up assignments and enter grades to Sync/Passback? 

My district hasn't officially moved to standards-based yet. We have a list of "best practices" but right now teachers are still making their own policies, grading scales, systems, rubics, etc. 

I'm working with other Language Arts teachers adapt rubrics and projects and set up grading scales, but we collectively have more questions than answers.

Does anyone have insights about grading projects vs. individual standards? If so, how is that going? And how are you setting up rubrics?

Also, I'm curious about how to balance assessing grammar/mechanics (especially if the main focus of a writing project is another skill e.g. figurative language or integrating appropriate details/text evidence). 

I haven't done anything with Mastery Paths, but our IC settings are still set up as a traditional gradebook and have no idea if there's any way to sync grades that way. 

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