How to handle teacher leaves of absences?

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I am looking for some suggestions on how to handle teacher leaves of absence. Our courses are generated through our integration with PowerSchool. This means that when a teacher of record is changed in PowerSchool (i.e. when a Long Term Sub is in for a teacher on leave), the original course shell is deactivated and a new shell is created with the LTS as the teacher. We have been handling this by creating a copy of the original teacher's course and then importing that copy into the new shell. This allows students to have consistent access to materials. There are, however, several drawbacks to this method. One is that students lose access to submitted work. 

It has been suggested that the teacher on leave is left as the primary teacher in PowerSchool and that the LTS be added as a co-teacher. Our IT and HR departments each have issues with this idea. 

Is anyone able to share how they handle teacher leaves in Canvas?