Option to Add Scrolling Textbox on Quizzes

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Our teachers love how easy it is to use the quizzes feature in Canvas.  One question/request we've had from many teachers is what the most effective way is to add a reading passage alongside comprehension questions.  Although there are some work arounds (e.g. adding a "text" question that doesn't count towards point total), there doesn't appear to be any way to add a scrolling text box that could appear beside the comprehension questions.  This feature would allow students to easily refer to the reading passage while answering questions without having to scroll up through previous questions to access the passage.  This is also a common layout for the reading comprehension sections of many standardized tests which our students are taking online.  Having access to the scrolling textbox on Canvas would give students another opportunity to become comfortable with this format.

Here is an image of what this might look like:

screenshot-epat-parcc.testnav.com 2015-04-29 12-53-00.png

Does anyone currently have a workaround to achieve something similar in Quizzes?

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