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Preventing Observers from seeing Locked Modules

Our teachers would like to put certain assignment answers in Modules in courses where students prepare for national exams. I was looking at putting it in a locked module with a pre-requisite of a submitted assignment with a minimum grade. However, it appears that Observers can view locked modules, and as many parents are observers, this could lead to cheating. Looking at account roles, I could not see a way to prevent Observers from viewing locked modules. Does anyone have any further insight into editing the Observer role, or potential work-arounds?

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I've finally heard back from support, and this is a feature, not a bug. Here's what they said:

I checked with our engineers and users Observing students do have the ability to view assignments that would be considered locked. Since observers cannot submit assignments our engineers decided that Users observing students should have access to all available content with the exception of items locked by dates.

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Hey  @marthazumack ​!

I just saw this, are you still trying to work this out? If you create the content as a text-only question in a quiz, the student will only be able to see it when they get there and the observer will see nothing until after the student submits it. We actually have the opposite problem, we have quizzes set up like that that we want the parents to see, so I am certain observers can't see it that way ahead of time Smiley Happy