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hi Canvas users. 


For the last several years, we have been using a content provider called Blended Schools for our 9th grade health course content.  Recently, we lost access to the content at the same time we discovered that Blended Schools had gone under.  


We are looking for other vendors that have a half semester of health (HPE) content who play with Canvas.   Please help.



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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for coming to the community and posting your query.  I hope you are able to connect with other Canvas users who work with a vendor or vendors who have the content you are looking for.

Did you know that rather than posting the same question multiple times in various places in the community, you can post it one time and then share the question to multiple places?  That way there is one thread of comments and you only have one set of notifications to stay on top of.  Once you have created the question, discussion, idea, etc, there is a link in the upper right that allows you to share.

I noticed that you posted this particular question a few times.  I'll go ahead and lock these duplicates and link over to the original post.  I hope that is helpful.


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