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In our K-12 school we have division level principals (K-5, 6-8, & 9-12) with the need to not only view analytics for their division, but to also have the ability to drill down into the data.  Is there a way to view all courses at one time to identify students who are struggling, without looking at each course individually?  I know grades can be exported and reports run in Excel--is there a tool within Canvas to accomplish this?

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Community Coach

The only thing that sounds similar to what you want is Dropout Detective by Alliance Partner - AspirEDU​. It's a third party software that integrates directly into Canvas and provides a list (you can normally pick the grouping of the list so K-5, 6-8, etc) of all students in order from most at risk to least at risk (you can search for specific students as well). As part of the list you can see what grades each student is getting, missed work, etc. We've been using it for a number of years and have been really really happy with it! I'm tagging  @Chris_Munzo ​ on this so he can provide some additional information.

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