Tips for structuring courses with a large number of assignments

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Hello all,

There are some teachers at our school who have created courses with a very large number of assignments with separate groups for in-class work, homework, labs, projects, and summative assessments. When you have at minimum one assignment for every day of the school year, the assignment list tends to get quite large. Besides being cumbersome to sort through, the assignments page loads very slow due to all of the entries. They are ready to go rogue and use a different tool to manage their courses due to the slow response time.

Has anyone else experienced this? Right now I'm thinking of having them put their materials in a combination of pages and modules, but I'm interested in other ideas people have. How have you structured your courses or trained others to structure their courses in these instances? Do you have any institutional requirements on how your courses are put together or what features are used?

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I'd echo everyone's suggestions to use YouTube or (Zaption if you want to get better analytics and get interactive) to embed video content. I'd also recommend using Modules to organize the course and hiding "Assignments" in the Course Navigation.

You might want to steal some ideas from Home Sweet Homepages without Tables​ to create a really nice home page with buttons to your modules.

Also beware of the 184+ Assignments bug.

Module item selector limited to 184 assignments:

When attempting to add assignments to a module, if you have over 200+ assignment in one assignment group you can only see the first 183 assignments of that particular group.


Move the assignments that are not seen in the list to a new assignment group and you can then add them to a module. You can move the assignments back to the original group once they've been added to the module.

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