What LTI Integrations are you using in K-12?

Hi K-12 Friends!

I'd love to know what LTI/Other integrations people are using with Canvas....both from the App Center and from other vendors who have unlisted LTIs.  We spend so much time going back and forth with vendors about what integrations they have that I'd love to be able to see what other people are already doing and start there or join forces to get


Khan Academy

Educreations (although getting ready to delete b/c it only lets you add some items so most teacher just use the embed code instead)



Office 365





AdobeConnect (best integration I've ever seen)

McGraw Hill Connect Ed (SSO, but not provisioning.  not a strong integration)


LTI/API Combo:

Shmoop (Includes SSO, Provisioning, Assignment Auto-Creation and Grade Passback)

EduGame Cloud (Includes SSO, Provisioning, Passing Quiz Questions from Canvas to Live Sessions and Passing Grades and Answer Info Back to Canvas)

Common Cartridge:

eDynamic Learning

Fuel Education (formerly Aventa)

Thin Common Cartridge:


McGraw Hill (in the works)

Things We've Tried and Seen Work But Not Bought (Yet):

Read Speaker (Works with Custom Javascript)


BigBlueButton Premium

Vendors We're Talking to About Various Integrations:


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt





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Hello Michelle,

My most recent favorite LTI is Zaption. It allows you to stop/pause a video to prompt a question, text box, photo, etc. This practice parallel the classroom pedagogical approach, which is hard to do online because the teacher isn't present, to hit the pause button and discuss it's content. Zaption allows the teacher to indicate, reinforce, review, and practice while watching video.


Thanks, Stephanie!  I haven't used Zaption, and I can't wait to check it out!!!

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One more recommendation for Zaption! Others that are frequently used are Quizlet and the ReDirect Tool.

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I'm using both quizlet and ted-ed.  We also have a brainpop account that will integrate once our IT department sets it up....can't wait to try all the suggested sites. Thanks

Please let us know how your Brainpop integration goes. We tried it last week, and it wasn't what we were wanting. They have gone back to the drawing table to configure in a more robust way.

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I'm getting a lot of request for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt integration. One teacher was able to call HMH and talk to a real person as to their LTI and Canvas. The rep told her it's a Canvas issue, not them. I find that a little hard to believe, but, well, am able to admit when I'm wrong. I would think the end-point site would have to create the integration information, not Canvas. My science faculty are really wanting this and admit they are spoiled with all the great LTI tools available to them.

Just sayin...

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Question regarding original's been 5 years. Any progress with linking those other vendors such as HMH?

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FlipGrid is a huge one!
Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Spark
Adobe Scan for iOS pdf uploads into canvas (not sure if that counts but Canvas REALLY needs an EASY way to take photos for the littles and take/save as PDF for Math!)
Films on Demand 
LibApps (library)
Noteflight (Music)

One that the Math teachers thread is demanding is Desmos.  Just search for it and you'll see!  It's a desperate need apparently!

I have a bunch more for Music, foreign language, and others to add but kids bedtime is calling.  

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