Who are Observers observing?

Community Champion



This is our second year in which we have Observers in Canvas and one of the biggest issues we have experienced have been our parents not having access to observe all of their children.  This is not an issue with Canvas but rather our SIS where siblings are not being linked properly.

We have not and probably will not enable the parent app since security is lacking at this point in time.

I love the fact that parents can see which children they have in their Canvas account and are able to observe.  This feature also has come in very handy to use when replying to ticket but the drawback is that we must “Act as User” then go look to see which students are missing from that account.

I have posted a feature request Add “Students Being Observed” to Parent’s profile which will include that information on the parent’s profile saving time and help expedite tickets faster.  I would appreciate the votes.

Thank you