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ANGEL to Canvas  Migration Tips

Community Team
Community Team
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Getting ready to leave?


Consider migrating vs. rebuilding


If you decide to migrate:

  • Clean out any unwanted or hidden file/materials
  • If you use LORs (repositories) make content is copied, not linked
  • Rename content to unit/module specific convention
  • Move nested materials to top folder level
  • Remove section headings, remnant ANGEL Quizzes
  • Remove empty question bank folders
  • Check your gradebook setup
  • Assessments - check question pools, keywords and matching questions
  • Check links, files and pages
  • All folder names should consist of only alphanumeric characters which means no special characters or slashes in the folder name. Rename folders that contain special characters or slashes in the folder name.









REMEMBER, the following items won’t convert from ANGEL to CANVAS


  1. ANGEL's Games, Syndicated Folders or Blogs
  2. ANGEL's Standards
  3. Specific team assignments, although Team ids and Team descriptions will be migrated.
  4. ANGEL Automation (actions and agents)




  • Export in ANGEL format (not .imscc or common course)
  • Content only, no user data
  • Import into development course shell, not production
Community Coach
Community Coach

Very helpful! Wish we woukd have had this when we first started transitioning! We had to learn it all the hard way!

Community Team
Community Team

Hopefully it will still be relevant for the schools transitioning now.

I dearly loved ANGEL and it just about killed me to see it go on life support for all those years but maybe there is an upside to it not having changed substantially these past 4-5 years.

Community Member

Just discovered this yesterday -  When Importing an Angel Package, you will get an error or a denied message if your Angel Package is greater than the 500MB size.  However, the only items that really count against your size in Canvas is the File sizes.  So you may feel that you are safe because you don't have a large total for your "files" that are being brought in, but Canvas will deny you if you have a lot of other items such as discussions, quizzes, assignments, etc.  The other thing we believe may count against you are media files that are inside of pages. 

Explorer III

We're in the process of converting some angel courses to canvas at the moment.

The pages that make up the Angel course are html files. Is there a way to convert these directly to wiki pages in Canvas?

Community Team
Community Team

Hello Miles,

Don't know of a way to do that except manually.  Smiley Sad