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Blackboard SafeAssign

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Another question has popped up with our transition! I hope you can help! How did your institution go about finalizing SafeAssign? Instructors are wanting to save reports for their records so that they are aware of plagiarism  or if it was submitted  in Blackboard SafeAssign so that they can crosscheck with new sumbissions in Canvas. Was this a concern? How did you go about tackling this issue? Is there a way to link SafeAssign to Turnitin?


Thank you!

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Hi Kari,

It has been a while, and I am sorry I don't have a better answer, but we didn't really work hard to save the safeassign content.  I think that the main reason is that Turnitin scans and has access to pretty much the 'same' content, with the exception of student submissions to the repository.  We had used Turnitin in the past and I think that our instructors were just happy to be going back to that tool.

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We have placed a request with Blackboard support (and routed to SafeAssign support) for a download of all documents from our Institutional Database. Our plan and hope is that we can take the documents, submit to our new service, and pre-build a new database...for this exact reason being asked by you. Our Bb contract ends in July, so we're hoping that they can actually do this even though it is "being worked on."


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Where you able to get Blackboard to turn over your institution's papers?


Anthony Hess


Yes, they indeed came through on our request. We ended up with 11GB of files from several years. It did take them 6 weeks to get it to us, so get your request in early!


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Hi Shane,

A somewhat belated reply, but I was curious how you were able import 11GB of files into Turnitin. Was this an automated process of some kind? Did you encounter any issues with it?

My institution is in the same situation and we'd love to automate this process, if at all possible.

Thanks for your time.


Our import was to Vericite (not Turnitin), so they sent us secure FTP credentials and we uploaded the files direct to them...after we received all the SafeAssign data from Blackboard. If you are importing to Turnitin, I would ask if they can accommodate you in the same fashion.



Hi there,  @kari !

I wanted to follow up on your SafeAssign export question. Were you able to come to a solution? I see that  @shane_ohara  was successful with a request from Bb and an import into Vericite - did you have the same luck with Turnitin? Because this question is from over one year ago, I'm going to go ahead and mark it as "Assumed Answered." Don't worry, this won't prevent people from continuing the dialogue in the event the discussion needs to continue 🙂