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Canvas FastTrack Ep. 25 - Gallery Stroll

The Canvas FastTrack Video series is a collection of quick videos aligning Canvas with Dr. Puentedura’s SAMR Model of Technology Integration.  This model has been used by many institutions as a framework for infusing technology into teaching and learning activities.  In the video collection we will dive into the various tools in Canvas and how they align with the SAMR Model of Technology.  Watch this four-minute video introduction to SAMR if you aren’t already familiar with the model.

Episode 25 is a 2 1/2 minute video about utilizing discussions and creating Gallery Strolls and Gallery Walks at the Modification level of Technology Integration.  Whether it is displaying student work or creating a space for students to brainstorm, share ideas, and discuss concepts Canvas Discussions can be and should be leveraged as a great space to help drive student engagement. 

Thanks for watching and please feel free to leave feedback, requests, and suggestions in the comments below!

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 @lstark ‌, I love the idea of using a few questions to start off a threaded discussion.  What a great way to get students involved!

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I've liked Gallery Walks & this gives me tips on how to use digital tools to do the same.  This makes it more lasting & could make it more powerful, especially when students know what they do/say will last.

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This is a terrific idea,  @lstark ‌!  I have been showing my teachers how to use Google Sites for Virtual Gallery Walks, and it has been very successful.  This is great, because the students never have to leave Canvas to do it.  They also have the ability to ask questions and "like".

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The link to the introductory SAMR video is broken. I think it should link to: 

Great ideas, thanks.

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I like the concept of creating wiki pages that both students and teachers can edit. I am also playing with the app Padlet to help the students create a visual component to our cultural lessons. It could really create a digital gallery walk as well!

I LOVE padlet  @jayoder 

It's a great collaborative tool in so many ways. Dip Your Toe In The Water 

laurakgibbshas written a lot about padlet also. Here's an example. 

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Thanks  @lstark  for inspiring me with this video. I have been thinking for a while about how to use a digital bump up wall on Canvas so that students are able to utilise this from any location using a device, compared to one location in the classroom. I could really see discussions being utilised for the bump up wall process. Place a piece of student work on the discussion board and then ask students to discuss the elements that they can see being used in the piece of work. e.g. varied sentences are used, paragraphs with one idea etc. Students could then give the piece of work a 1, 2 or 3. This process would be repeated with another two examples making sure as a teacher you have a low, medium and high example. Students then use the discussion points as a way of working out where their inidivual work sits. Once they have assessed where their work sits they look at the example above and read the discussion points to work out what they need to do to bump up their work. bumpupwall #canvas discussion

Hey that's a fabulous idea  @tameika_munday  I might have to steal it!

Getting the students to justify the suggested grade would add to the magic. 

Steal away  @Bobby2 ‌ 

It's something I have been considering for a while as I have used this process in the classroom and all students are engaged and it makes learning visible. Allowing students to resubmit and bump up their work using rubrics and bump up walls engages and motivates students. It is also a step in the direction of peer conferencing once they have had a go at giving evidence in the class discussion. You could even split the class into three  and give each group one pieve of writing to work on and then come back as a class and share.

I'm genuinely excited now. I predict Bump It Up discussions taking over Tasmania now. 

I'm so excited and happy to hear how you are going to leverage discussions! It can be so much more than just reply and post.  Getting students to collaborate, reflect and share ideas is always an amazing learning experience for them.  

Thank you so much for sharing, this made my day!