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Canvas FastTrack Ep. 29 - Review Me? Review You!

The Canvas FastTrack Video series is a collection of quick videos aligning Canvas with Dr. Puentedura’s SAMR Model of Technology Integration.  This model has been used by many institutions as a framework for infusing technology into teaching and learning activities.  In the video collection we will dive into the various tools in Canvas and how they align with the SAMR Model of Technology.  Watch this four-minute video introduction to SAMR if you aren’t already familiar with the model.

Episode 29 is a 2 1/2 minute video about integrating peer reviews in Canvas for quality feedback and enhancing communication skills of students.   At the Modification level of technology integration giving students more quality feedback via peer review is a breeze and helps develop more student-centered learning skills. 

Thanks for watching and please feel free to leave feedback, requests, and suggestions in the comments below!

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I'll look forward to seeing more on peer reviews.  I think this is another area where digital can be an equalizer.  The anonymous option is a good one to encourage a deeper level of peer feedback.  (You don't have to hurt your best friend's feelings.)  It's very important that the teacher is able to monitor who is saying what, so the feedback is constructive and ontrack.  

Using sentence stems works for older students as well, especially those who are not skilled in academic discussions.  (Something that requires more than thumb typing could be new to even advanced students.)  Sentence starters prime the pump and help students build the vocabulary and environment for constructive and instructive feedback.  It's too good to keep for the little guys!

Thanks Leslie, these videos are a gem!

Community Contributor

I agree with your comment on older students and the need for those sentence stems to get them started. It is difficult to get a constructive conversation going between our online students. Instead of not wanting to hurt a friend's feelings, it's almost a case of not wanting to be impolite to someone you may not know very well. I also encourage including specific questions for the peer reviewer (e.g. asking them to focus on a specific area where you questioned/struggled). This can sometimes open the door.

These videos are very helpful. I'm sorry it took me so long to check them out!

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I really appreciate how these videos emphasize student reflection and, specifically, how this one highlights the importance of using sentence stems (sentence starters). 

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This video was very helpful. I am looking forward to using the prompts with students this fall. This is a powerful way for students to peer edit and for teachers to oversee the process. In the past, we just had them partner up and talk together when peer editing. This will allow their feedback to be specific and will be more efficient because they typically got off topic! Thank you for these great videos! 

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This video is now listed as private.  Is there a way to share this again?  I was using it as part of a workshop that I run on Peer Review and it was very helpful.

 @tatee1 , we've adjusted the settings, and the video should once again be available for viewing.

Many thanks!

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