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Importing Canvas cartridges into other LMS?

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We developed 30 OER-enabled Canvas sample course shells that are WCAUG 2.0 accessible and are aligned with effective online teaching & learning strategies. 29 of the shells have OpenStax OER textbooks embedded in them. The 30th shell allows for any textbook to be embedded.

Faculty across the country who use Blackboard, Moodle & D2L have been asking me how to import the Canvas cartridge into their LMS. I'm sticking with Canvas but would like to help them. Also, someone with a free Canvas acct can't seem to be able to import our Canvas cartridge.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @billowsky , I saw that you already posted this question over in the Open Education group in the Community - OER-enabled Canvas sample course shells to other LMS. In order to make sure effort isn't duplicated I'm going to have this question closed to comments and share your other question with this group. That way you can keep everything together and get feedback from both groups.