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My school is just starting to implement Canvas and I have been looking into how different activities from Moodle come into Canvas when imported. Images within quiz questions go into the course files area when a course from Moodle is imported into a course in Canvas. This can of course be problematic, in many cases students are not supposed to see the images until in an exam and sometimes question banks include a large number of images which then are among other files, making the file area very caotic.

My question: Is there a way to hide the images from students in the course files or some workaround when importing courses with quizzes?

This is a large amount of questions, so it would take a lot of time and man power to go into each question to fix it, not really an option.

Best regards,

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We're currently in the process of testing migration/clean-up strategies from Moodle to Canvas and we're having an  issue importing quizzes.

When we've done tests importing Moodle back-ups containing quizzes into Canvas Free for Teacher courses they import successfully.

When we try to import quizzes into our full version of Canvas, the quizzes import as pages with no content. The only content that comes through is the name of the quiz which translates into a page title. 

The Moodle instance we're backing courses up from is version 3.6.

Has anyone experienced this issue in the past or does anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions? 

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Our campus transitioned from Moodle to Canvas last October.  In Moodle, we had had a database activity with hundreds of entries.  What tools have you used to replace Moodle's database activity feature, which is not replicated in Canvas?

We'd like something that students can easily search and submit text and files to.

Thank you!

Heidi Burgiel

Instructional Designer

Lasell College

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We developed 30 OER-enabled Canvas sample course shells that are WCAUG 2.0 accessible and are aligned with effective online teaching & learning strategies. 29 of the shells have OpenStax OER textbooks embedded in them. The 30th shell allows for any textbook to be embedded.

Faculty across the country who use Blackboard, Moodle & D2L have been asking me how to import the Canvas cartridge into their LMS. I'm sticking with Canvas but would like to help them. Also, someone with a free Canvas acct can't seem to be able to import our Canvas cartridge.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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We're migrating from Moodlerooms to Canvas. I need to re-create an old course with its assignments complete, discussions, etc. 


  1. created a course in my test instance,
  2. named it and gave it a Course Code and SIS ID (I used the same code for both),
  3. SIS imported users into the system,
  4. SIS imported enrollment into the course, and
  5. imported a Moodle export zip that contained content, users, and logs.

The problem: while enrollment went through (I see the users in the system and they seem to be enrolled into the course - are shown in People), I do not see any discussion posts they made, assignments they've submitted, nor any grades.

The issues I see listed for #5 above are simply, "Import Error: Module Item - "5.10 - Learning Plan Resources" and "Missing links found in imported content - Wiki Page body" so if anyone could shed light on where to go next, that would be great. 

Thank you very much in advance.

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Hi all

We have imported several Moodle courses into Canvas using a Moodle 1.9/2 import. Our experience using IMS CC was less than satisfactory, maybe due to the content types.

I have only just found that it appears that Canvas substituted the image file name for the alt text that was present in Moodle. 

This is just by way of a heads up.

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When importing a course from Moodle into Canvas, for some reason none of the quizzes are importing as a "Practice Quiz" instead of a "Graded Quiz." Why does that happen and can I change it? Also, the grade book is not set up in the categories that I have in Moodle.  Again, why does that happen and can I change it?

We will be imported over 150 courses into Canvas in a couple months... looking for a solution before that happens. Thank you!

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When I first imported a Moodle Course into Canvas the Books came over as pages in the Modules.  When I do it now, the pages of the books end up elsewhere.

Is there a way to require that the pages from a Moodle book import into the Canvas modules?



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My institution is in the process of setting up a Canvas Pilot for a small group. Currently we use Moodle as our LMS and have for many years. Can people share with me any insights as to getting faculty on-board, migrating content, training, and differences in the two systems.

Thanks in advance!


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I've been downloading and re-creating online classes in Canvas from our old Moodle site, and for some reason, the assignments--anything that requires an upload--don't appear in the new Canvas classes. I can't figure it out. There's an "Imported Assignments" category in the gradebook, but nothing there.

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