New Gradebook or Not New Gradebook

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With the upcoming New Gradebook: Tentative Q3 2019 transition date feedback‌ is it wise to turn on the New Gradebook that is in Beta for all of those doing the pilot?  My institution is piloting Canvas Spring 2019 and looking at a Fall 2019 full conversion.  Any ideas are welcomed.

Robert McDole

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We have been on Canvas for nearly seven years now. When changes like this occur it does require planning for the Canvas admin to determine when is the best time to introduce the new feature permanently. Typically when a new feature is available in feature options, I will allow instructors to turn on this feature in the course settings. I will then communicate that the new feature is available in feature options and this gives early adopters a chance to check it out when they are ready. You will know best how your faculty will react to a new feature. In my experiences, it has worked best to wait until Instructure is close to making the feature permanent. Typically, the change occurs over the summer so I will usually turn on the new feature for everyone before the summer semester starts. I will communicate this information in many different ways that the new feature will be turned on so the stragglers can check it out before the fall semester begins. Having said all that, if I was in your position I would turn on the new gradebook before your spring semester. begins. That way you avoid dealing with two different gradebooks. This will just confuse new users and make it harder for you to troubleshoot issues. As they get more experienced, you can modify your approach on the roll out of new features. So far I have had several early adopters who use the new gradebook and we haven't had an issues. I'm planning on turning it on permanently before the summer semester begins. 


snugent‌, thank you for your quick response.  I was leaning towards doing what you suggest.  You have confirmed my suspicion.  


We are currently transitioning to Canvas and had our first early adopters start using Canvas this past semester. I forced all users to New Gradebook before the first term began because I really did not want people getting used to the old gradebook and then having to do a big training campaign to get them switched. I would recommend just switching everyone over now so that it's the "normal" gradebook instead of the "new" gradebook. Less fuss for everyone!

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When we started piloting / transitioning to Canvas several years ago, the new user-interface was just out of beta.  We opted to do all our pilots with the "new look" so we wouldn't need to transition everyone to the new UI almost immediately after adoption.  So yes, what snugent‌ said, in your case, don't bother with the old.  😉

FWIW, we switched our institution to the new gradebook last week, after having it optional for 2 semesters.

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