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Transitioning from Blackboard Outcomes Assessment to Canvas Outcomes

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Hello! People who have converted from Blackboard to Canvas, how did you handle the transition between how the Bb Outcomes Assessment tool works vs. how Canvas Outcomes work? Maybe I'm missing it, but I don't see a way to pull a random sample and rate by a reviewer. Advice?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @smaldridge 

This would be a good question for the LMS Migration Strategies group.  I have moved your question there, and hope you get the answers you need.

I hope this helps,


Community Team
Community Team

I'm also going to mark this idea as a discussion because I don't think there is one correct answer.  I hope someone is able to share their experience!

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I also have this question.

I am working with an instructor/staff member who has used Blackboard Outcomes to analyze scores of student writing artifacts (samples) at the beginning of their college careers and at the end to evaluate literacy. Each term, the artifacts are collected from new and senior students, scored anonymously, and scores are compared across population samples. Outcomes randomized the artifacts and enabled the analytical comparisons. By contrast, Canvas Outcomes seems more for aligning specific student assessments with established learning outcomes and goals.

Canvas easily can serve as the vehicle for collecting the writing samples from students and scoring them. But, we also have these needs:

  • Capture the scores of all graders, not just the final grade (using moderated grading)
  • Capture the student scores related to specific outcome criteria, such as the ability to make a well formulated argument
  • Compare scores of students

Can anyone suggest tools in Canvas or that work with Canvas that would help with these needs?