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I need to add ELA, Science, Math, and Ok. History standards to all of my assessments I have created. Is there a way to do that? I added them to my curriculum map, but I can't figure out how to add them to the assessment creating. 

Ch. 1 - 9th Grade ELA Focus (2021)
9.4.R.3Students will use word parts (e.g., affixes, Anglo-Saxon, Greek,
and Latin roots, stems) to define and determine the meaning of
9.4.R.4Students will use resources (e.g., dictionary, glossary,
thesaurus, etc.) to determine or clarify the meanings, syllabication,
pronunciation, synonyms, parts of speech, and etymology of words
or phrases. Increasingly complex words.
9.4.W.1Students will use precise, grade-level vocabulary in writing to
9.6.R.3Students will evaluate the relevance, reliability, and validity of
the information gathered. Clearly communicate complex ideas.

Ch. 1 - 9th Grade Algebra I Focus (2022)
A1.A.3.1 Solve equations involving several variables for one variable
in terms of the others.
A1.A.3.2 Simplify polynomial expressions by adding, subtracting, or

Ch. 1 - 9th Grade - Social Studies Focus
OKH.5.3 Analyze how various segments of Oklahoma society
including agriculture, mining, and state politics were influenced by
the organized labor and socialist movements. (pg. 20 How are labor unions and the field of science related?)
OKH.5.8 Describe the contributions of Oklahomans including
African-American jazz musicians, the political and social
commentaries of Will Rogers and Woody Guthrie’s, Wiley Post’s
aviation milestones, and the artwork of the Kiowa Six. (pg. 9 The Goals
of Science/The three names below are all scientists from Oklahoma.)
What evidence can your group gather in the next six minutes to
support the claim that they are famous scientists?
* Richard E. Berendzen (born 1938), astronomer, author,
and professor
* James Herndon (born 1952), media psychologist
* Karl Guthe Jansky (1905–1950), physicist and radio
OKH.6.2 Analyze the impact of economic growth in various sectors
including: (pg. 19 Benefits and Outcomes)
A. impact of rural to urban migration
B. development of
wind, water, and timber resources
C. continuing role of agriculture
D. emergence of tourism as an industry
E. development of the
aerospace and aviation industry including the FAA and the influence
of weather research on national disaster preparedness
F. oil and gas
boom and bust, including the discovery of new fossil fuel resources
G. improvement of the state’s transportation infrastructures, such as
the interstate highway system and the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River
Navigation System.

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Hi Amy,

From your CMAP > create or update a Tracker > then create an Assessment from there;

Ongoing help is always available from your Mastery Connect User Account > click on the Question Mark in the upper right > click on “Submit a support request”.


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