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Mastery Connect Release Notes (2023-08-17)

Mastery Connect Release Notes (2023-08-17)

In this Mastery Connect release (August 17), all standard selector drop-down menus are updated. Also, instructors can print all of their assessments. Additionally, users can easily view the number of items found next to the standard and item type. And, the Tracker Assessment List supports displaying standard groups in their Units. Also, users can view the passage name in the item search tile itself.


 Updated Features


Standard Drop-down Menu Enhancements

All standard selector drop-down menus are updated with an option to view the description of the standard, and allow users to search for a standard by either the standard name or text within the description. 




Printing Enhancement 

Instructors can print all of their assessments. Previously, all TEI questions were not supported, and any assessment containing TEIs were unprintable. This update provides an increased list of supported question types.




Printable assessments are indicated by the Print icon.

Note: Some Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs) are not printable. Items that are not printable are replaced in the printout with the message, "This question was not included in the printed assessment as it is an unsupported question type." The following types of items are not printable:

  • Choice Matrix
  • Classification
  • Cloze Association
  • Cloze Dropdown
  • Cloze Math Formula
  • Cloze Text
  • Image Highlight
  • Label Image Association
  • Match List
  • Order List
  • Sort List
  • Simple Shading


Item Filter Counts 

When filtering in the Item Search Filter tray, users can easily view the number of items found next to the standard and item type . 




Tracker Assessment List Unit Support 

The Tracker Assessment List includes a Group by Unit view that displays each standard and assessments in their units. This update makes it easier for instructors to view Unit standards and the number of assessments in those standards.




Passage Titles on Search Tiles 

Users can view the passage name in the item search tile itself. Previously, search tiles only had a passage icon. 




Saved Item Search Filter

All filters and search criteria are saved when closing the filter tray. This update allows users to easily retain filters and search criteria. 




Settings are also saved when exiting the assessment or user session. The filter tray can be reset by clicking the reset button. Previously, all filters were reset when closing the filter search tray.


Overview Report Hispanic Ethnicity Option

Custom Reports feature an option to filter by the Hispanic Ethnicity demographic field.





Change Log


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