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Mastery Connect Release Notes (2023-10-26)

Mastery Connect Release Notes (2023-10-26)

In this Mastery Connect release (October 26), Canvas New Quizzes can be converted to Mastery Connect assessments.


 New Feature


New Quiz Conversion to Mastery Connect

Canvas New Quizzes can be converted to Mastery Connect assessments. New Quizzes content within Mastery Connect allows for a seamless integration between Canvas LMS and Mastery Connect, improving efficiency and reducing content development time for educators.



Users can view the list of quizzes by selecting the See Available Quizzes button. A quiz does not need to be published in the course to be converted to a Mastery Connect assessment.




The Canvas Content window displays a list of Canvas Classic Quizzes and Canvas New Quizzes that are available to convert. New Quizzes display a shaded icon next to the quiz title.

Select a quiz title link to view the Canvas quiz in a separate tab. Use the checkbox to select a quiz for conversion.

Click the Convert as New button to import the selected New Quizzes. 

Note: If a user selects and converts a quiz that has already been converted, it becomes a new assessment in Mastery Connect.



Once converted, the quizzes are listed as drafts in the Assessments tab of the Mastery Tracker. Click the Edit button to open the Mastery Connect Assessment.




The Assessment Editor displays all the converted quiz questions. Each converted quiz question has a default name that can be edited. 

Please note that not all New Quizzes question types are supported in Mastery Connect.

Supported Question Types

  • Categorization
  • Essay
  • Matching
  • Multiple Answers
  • Multiple Choice
  • Numeric
  • Ordering
  • True False

Partial Supported Question Types

  • Fill in the blank
  • Hot Spot
  • Stimulus

Unsupported Question Types

  • File Upload
  • Formula




Educators must align each question to a standard before the assessment can be delivered to students. 

Questions that do not have an associated standard are highlighted in orange and display a No Standard message. Click the Standard drop-down menu to align a question to a standard. 




Click the Exit button to save the assessment as a draft and exit the Assessment Editor. Click the Create Assessment button once all items have standards and are complete.

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