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Mastery Connect Release Notes (2024-04-18)

Mastery Connect Release Notes (2024-04-18)

In this Mastery Connect release (April 18), the Assessment Editor for item-based assessments is updated with an analysis view. Furthermore, all assessment types are updated with an in-depth printable answer key. Additionally, searching for and filtering items within the Assessment Editor is improved and streamlined with several design updates.


 New Features


Assessment Analysis

The item-based Assessment Editor is updated with an analysis view that provides assessment authors and editors the tools to build and measure assessment balance, rigor, and question distribution based on metadata. This view compiles and displays item information for the assessment author, who can then quickly determine if the assessment fits all the necessary criteria. Assessment data updates in real time as the assessment is edited and is only visible while the assessment is in drafting or editing mode.



The Assessment Analysis displays on a new Analysis tab [1] and includes data such as the item answers, item type, standards, depth of knowledge (DOK), difficulty level, and associated passages (if applicable) [2].

Assessment Answer Key

Assessments are updated with a robust, printable answer key for all assessment types.


The answer key displays in the Assessment Manager page as well as in the Assessment Builder for assessment authors and editors.



The answer keys for all assessment types display the question number and name [1], question answer [2], standard [3], question or item type [4], and number of points [5]. The answer keys for item-based assessments display all of the previously mentioned data points as well as the DOK [6], the difficulty level [7], passage titles (if applicable) [8], and the item bank source (if applicable) [9].


 Updated Features


Assessment Editor Item Search Improvements

Searching for items within the Assessment Editor is improved with several design updates. Finding and filtering items is quicker and streamlined with a cleaner design for displaying and applying filters. Users can easily see if there is content available based on selected filters and displayed metadata.


The alignment information, search bar, Filter Items button, Show Selected toggle, Select Randomly link, and sorting tool are reorganized for better user experience [1]. 


The item preview window is resized to accommodate the opened filter tray [2]. The filter menu remains open until the user manually closes it [3]. The item tiles show the item bank origin [4]. All metadata filter options are expanded by default [5]. Each filterable data point displays real-time counts so users can quickly see how many items match their filter criteria [6].

Change Log


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