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Analytics BETA not refreshing data

Hi community!

So on the Analytics BETA feature was working great until I made changes to some assignments in my Gradebook and it never refreshed the changes on the page and still has the data from when I enabled the tool. Is it a known bug or is it because the feature is not available?

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Hi  @leonardo_mancil ‌! Our ETL takes a full 24 hours to update the data so new assignments won't appear immediately. If you added those assignments longer than 24 hours ago, that's likely a bug which I can report back to our eng team.

Best, KH

Hi Katrina,

I tested the feature thoroughly and indeed the ETL process takes the 24 hrs to update the data, I added two assignments and updated records on a few people and the next day I had my data up to date.

I love data manipulation as I come from a Computer Science background, this feature works great, it has all the statistics needed for course and student data, and it optimizes time for everyone because you don't have to download the .csv file from the Gradebook and run formulas on Excel, R or SPSS. I hope the ETL latency can be reduced for future releases of this feature for up to date data in shorter times.



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