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Analytics Refresh

Having to wait 24 hours to get the class averages for an assignment is burdensome and not helpful for a teacher!! I would like to see the statistics for an assignment as soon as I entered it, like we were able to do last year with the statistics. 

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Agreed!  If this is intended to replace the functionality that was available in Assignment Details, then it needs to be immediate, not a daily refresh.

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Very much agree! This is the biggest frustration our instructors have with the changes in how they access assignment analytics. If the data refresh can't be immediate, it would be nice to at least have a button that users can push to have the data updated at that moment. Atomic Jolt does something similar with the indexing functionality for their Search tool.

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Where you at on this, Canvas? This feature has very little enduring value if it can't be: manually refreshed to be called as needed and automatically refreshed at a faster rate to retain viability.

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I like being able to see which student accessed what (though I wish there was a way for images to be excluded), but having to wait at least 24 hours to see class performance on assignments is ridiculous. For myself, I have grades we published at 11am yesterday, analytics was supposedly refreshed yesterday at 4:20pm, and it is now 10:20am, and still no grades showing in the New Analytics. I am switching back to the old one and hoping the "indefinite" delay of New Analytics enforcement continues until Canvas can provide real-time grade results; otherwise, it is pretty useless. 

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I totally agree!

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Having completed a grading activity I often wish to review student performance and grade statistics right then while everything is fresh in my mind.  In addition, having timely analytics provides the intel I need to make adjustments and when needed informs when I need to reteach a topic, as it may be part of an important scaffolding of concepts. 

So yes, timely access to assignment and student analytics is quite important.   A delay means I need to adjust my process and come back to an assignment tomorrow or perhaps the following day.  And must first refresh my memory about the course, assignment, students and their submission. 

Not trying to be dramatic, but this is less than optimal. 


ps. on the New Analytics Summary page for Students I would add counts for late and missing assignments.

pps.  I second the motion to omit images.

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We are finding the delay to be a problematic. A faster turn around for the data would be appreciated.