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Analytics data reresh

What time is the Analytics Beta data actually refreshed every day? My timestamp simply says "a day ago" but I am wondering if it happens at the same time every day so teachers can adjust accordingly when using it. Thanks! 

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Great question Sarah,

The ETL process takes several hours  to complete and refreshes course data throughout the process, so the specific time isn't known for each course. Additionally, we are continuing to optimize the refresh process as we work through the remaining features. When we get to GA we should be able to give you a rough time when the ETL will finish running, however right now it's just too variable at the moment to provide a window.

As soon as we have a more consistent window I'll communicate out the community.

Thanks for reaching out,


I see the timestamp now on the New Analytics page, and the timestamp is helpful. HOWEVER, Ohio State is using Canvas for our entire freshman class' Orientation. We need a faster refresh rate to track student progress through the Orientation modules. How do we get this to speed up?