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What does Total Activity mean?

When looking at the People view, there is a column that says "Total Activity".  How is that time calculated?  I have students in the course who have completed assignments but the Total Activity is 0.

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Hi, this question was asked in the Community by another member. Here is the link: 

Hope that helps?

OK, but I have students who I know have been active in the course and they

don't show any time under total activity...

Mona Johnston

Digital Learning Coordinator

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On Fri, Apr 3, 2020 at 11:43 AM <

Good morning, when using Canvas I have discovered the same as others that total activity is dependent upon the browser. In completing two separate tests, if your browser is Google Chrome, all connected time is recorded. If you use Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, only the "instance" is recorded. If you use the Canvas App, the same, just the instance, which creates two issues. A supervisor looking at a Canvas course could believe that the instructor was only in the class for a fraction of time, when they may be reading material, grading, etc. An instructor may believe that a student is marginally in the course. An experiment you can try for yourself is connect using Chrome, check your total activity, write it down, leave your computer on connected to the course. Do the same with Firefox, you'll be as surprised as I was.

Michael A. Picerno J.D.

Baker College