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CSV export of data has no common primary key to Gradebook export

 @kturco ‌  I'm currently working on a project at University of Melbourne to provide some personalised email functionality for students using an external tool called Ontask (Home | OnTask ).  It's a great tool which allows you to import data from a variety of sources, merge those sources based on primary keys. 

As the title suggests its currently not possible to combine data from the gradebook and Analytics Beta because there is no common primary key.  Both have Canvas user ID but for some reason Analytics beta uses the Instance id +canvas user ID rather than just the Canvas user ID.  i.e. 142280000000094432 vs 94432.   The main reason this is needed is because the Analytics Beta export is the only one available to instructors that includes an email address.  Asking instructors to manipulate this data to match is highly problematic and error prone.

Is there a reason that the standard format for canvas user ID's is not used?  The only other place the long form ID's is uesd is in Canvas Data/Live events which is not accessible to instructors.

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