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Community Participant

Potential Improvements

  • Manual Refresh
  • Add More than two sections
  • Remove All from data set
  • Separate By Grading Period
  • Message Students & Parents of Students
  • Select Specific Assignments
  • PDF Export/Print Option
  • Mean & Spread Data
  • Predictive Analytics
    • Identify Students That Frequently Miss
    • Identify Students That Frequently Score Below %
    • Identify Students That Frequently are Late
    • Identify Students with Combinations of the above
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Hi  @omari_r_sarjean ‌! Thanks for the feedback! Could you tell us more about your use case with the predictive analytics? What actions would you take with that data?

Best, KH

Sorry for the delay. We would use it as an early warning system so that we could intervene with the student. For example if I see that a student is repeatedly turning in work late I could check in more frequently - would be nice if Canvas did this automatically.