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I am an instructor in the process of doing an accreditation report on my course for my university. As part of this report, I need to determine the percentage of my students who reached a certain acceptable threshold grade in a variety of different subareas of the course. In the course quizzes, I need to be able to download the score for each question or group of questions for each student, assign subareas, and do aggregations.  I do not see any way to do this in New Quizzes. This means that I need to go through each quiz for each student in Speed Grader and aggregate the different questions myself for each subarea for 213 students. This process has already taken two days, and I expect that it will take 2 to 3 more days.

If I was able to download per question scores for each student into a spreadsheet, I could then upload the spreadsheet into a database system and calculate what I need. When all the data I needed was in a spreadsheet, it used to take me one day to do this kind of report.

I am writing first to ask if there is some way I missed to get a calculation for each student of the question subareas, and second to say that if this feature is truly missing, it is a real negative about New Quizzes.  Note that the average score for each question is not sufficient.  I need to be able to calculate the score for each student in each subarea, and then count the number of students who reached the threshold grade.  Sometimes, the subareas span multiple quizzes.  If there is some way to do this with the outcomes analysis, I would appreciate a pointer to detailed instructions on how. 

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I think you are not going to like the answer.

There has been several threads about the inability to download the data from the new quizzes, and it appears that the consensus is a big no.

These are just a couple of the similar queries

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