Can we import 1 QTI file containing multiple questions?

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This "new quizzes" quiz engine is new to me and my work colleagues so answers will be genuinely appreciated.

Is it possible to be able to import a single QTI file that contains questions from multiple chapters into an item bank in New Quizzes?

We attempted to do so but the "bank" can only recognize questions in just one chapter. If it's impossible for a bank in Canvas to have questions from multiple chapters, how do we go about making this possible? We did try importing this QTI file as new quizzes and they became new quizzes in the assignment quizzes tab. The faculty, however, does not want to assign a quiz one chapter at a time. She wants to create a quiz using the new quiz engine and pull the questions from multiple chapters, something we are having a tough time finding a solution as we only have one 1 QTI file holding those questions from all chapters. 


Thank you for taking the time checking this and looking forward for answers. 

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