Canvas New Quizzes: Questions missing from Item Analysis report?

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Hi everyone,

We're using Canvas New Quizzes. The quiz in question has 55 questions. Only 52 appear in the Item Analysis report. We've troubleshot and can not find a solution. Any suggestions? 


  • 54 of the 55 questions are worth 1 point. The one question worth 0 points is appearing in the item analysis report
  • 5 of the 55 questions are essays and all 5 are appearing in the item analysis report
  • I triple checked and do not see any duplicate questions
  • 50 of the 55 questions are multiple choice
  • It's long a long tedious process to try and find the exact 3 that are missing (which must be multiple choice) because the item analysis doesn't display questions in the same order as the test so no we haven't identified the exact 3 that are missing


Thanks in advance,


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SOLVED: It took well over 24 hours for all items to appear.

When I checked at around 20 hours post-test there were ~30 questions and then I counted ~45 questions a few hours later and thought I had counted wrong earlier in the day. It was ~30 hours post-test when I counted the 52 questions and posted to the forum. I woke up the next day and at almost 48 hours post-test another colleague had counted all 55. 

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