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We have a timed, single attempt only quiz. A student claims to have had a computer-related problem whilst taking the quiz and then switched to a different device to complete the same quiz. This does not sound like it is, or should be, possible but maybe Canvas operates differently to other LMSs I've used in the past. Can anyone enlighten me please.

I've search the fora and can't seem to find anything that helps.

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Panda Pros
Panda Pros

I just did some testing and here is what I found:

- Even with a single attempt users can go in and out of the quizzes as they choose, as long as the attempt is never submitted.
- This would allow users to switch devices.
- While not foolproof, you could go view the users access reports and you would likely see the paper trail of them accessing the course and then the quiz once, and then doing it a second time.


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