Does the Course Link Validator Analyze Images in Item Banks?

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I switched to New Quizzes and Item Banks. I recently had my students take a quiz, and two images didn't show up for the students taking the quiz. I always upload images using the Rich Content Editor, I upload all files from the course I use to create Item Banks, and I share Item Banks across courses.

I was told from Canvas support that, "The image in question was associated with another course and, therefore not accessible from the current course". However, when I ran the Course Link Validator, the images did not show up. Does the Course Link Validator not work with item banks? If it does that the images in question did not show up when I ran it, how can I tell whether images will be accessible to my students or not? 

I never had this issue before and obviously troubleshooting with a room full of students is stressful for myself and the students. 

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Hi @EmilyStory,

I'm sorry you had to troubleshoot during class. I've been in that situation and it is indeed very stressful.

I don't think the link validator looks "inside" the new quizzes, just pages (but I could be wrong). The safest thing to do when copying a quiz to another course is to quickly do a test run of that quiz in student view before you publish it. It's a bit more work, but it's much less frustrating than solving any issues that crop up in class.

Hope this helps!

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