Equation Editor Comparisons

Community Champion

1) Has anyone done a quick equation editor comparison?  I'm working with a faculty with an extensive question bank and we'd like to use Quizzes.Next to originate the questions for Fall term as the migration won't work smoothly for us from what I can tell.  I knew there were a few statistics symbols missing similar to the existing editor (p-hat and x-bar) but I'm using MathQuill for the first time and there are no arrows I see and another a/b button without parentheses is missing  so it would be helpful to diagram the Latex equivalents of the known gaps as I'm really struggling trying to input my very first equation.  

*hopeful* someone more technical has already tackled this....

2) I see in the other Q&A that you can access the LaTex code and use that, is this supported by Canvas or will there be a potential of this breaking during course rollover, import/export, future upgrades?

Thank you!