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Students are bypassing the LTITool for proctored exams by accessing the exams through the to-do list or calendar.

New quizzes are treated as assignments, with the to-do list redirecting to the assignment URL: <base_url>/courses/<course_id>/assignments/<assignment_id>. This is the page where students initiate the assignment. When accessed from the quiz or assignment module, the same URL redirects to this page where the quiz is located.

I have attempted to modify the URL action with our launch URL to enable the launch of the LTITool. However, when redirecting to the test delivery URL, the LTITool launch page repeatedly appears.

The issue arises because the URL <base_url>/courses/<course_id>/assignments/<assignment_id> has a URL action that is reflected in an iframe. When I change the action using our launch URL, the LTITool always launches on this URL <base_url>/courses/<course_id>/assignments/<assignment_id>, which is the test delivery URL.

Could anyone please assist me with this issue?

Additionally, how can we restrict students from taking proctored exams without using the LTITool?